Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Album from A Body Divided Out Now

February 23rd, Knoxville, TN band 'A Body Divided' released their first full length CD titled "(D)Elusion", celebrating with a live show including bands Adelaide, Dialects, The Human Condition and others. Their previous EP, "The Rescuer", has been out for a year or so and was put up for free download on their website a few months prior to this release. The band has been teasing its fans on its facebook page with single releases, leading up to the full album release party. A play-through video for the song "Bacon Slamburger" has been up on YouTube since last year, and has been renamed "Dis/Connect" for the new album.

Vocalist Samuel Stephens exhibits some deep, throaty growls and easily switches to a higher range that is abrasive like most high pitched screams but doesn't get into the piercing range. There is a lot of variance rhythmically, and the drums, carried by Cedric 'Blackhawk' White, accentuate the bands ability to change tempos and time signatures within just a few bars. Guitar enthusiast will have plenty to gawk about with this release, even though 'solos' are minimal. Guitarists Patrick Campbell and Richie Hicks show some great interplay, harmonizing together during the 'melodic' sections and bouncing harmonics and arpeggios off of each other.

The band has threatened to begin a U.S. Tour this summer. Meanwhile the new album is available at their merch store, and you can get the album on iTunes and Amazon. Here are some links...
Buy a hard copy of (D)elusion
A Body Divided Facebook
Download (D)elusion from Amazon

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