Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scariest Album of the Year!

     I downloaded this album really late at night with the lights off. Although it scared the crap-ola out of me, I really dug it and never stopped listening until the whole album was over. There are these really cool interludes all throughout the album, some instrumental, some just downright creepy! This guy produces growls and shrills that will give you chills down your back. The riffs are really cool, they change up the time signature quite a bit and its just scary as hell!
     These guys are from Sacramento, CA, and it looks as though, by their Facebook, that they are currently seeking (or hopefully finding) new members. Anthony Sweeton is credited for the instrumentation and production of the Pridelands EP, but is listed as a past member. Vocalist "Liam" is the only listed current member. However, "TBA" is the status on several positions so I would count on these guys continuing to make music under the name "Unto The Beast".
     Like I said, this EP is scary! Some of the sounds you hear on this album are just not human, I will tell you that much! LOL. This first EP is also scary good, and makes you wander what UTB will be able to produce with better resources!
     Well, give this one a listen...

     You can get this one on Amazon, or download for free from their Facebook page.