Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rules and Regulations

     Hello! To avoid any confusion, I thought I would post some of the guidelines I have been and will be following on this blog, and the direction I want to take with it. I have been seeing some other blogs about metal, or Christian music, so I would like to clarify my purpose.
     First of all, lets not make this a debate about what bands are 'righteous' or not. I am relying on lyrical content mostly, and also the attitude and direction of the band members themselves as shown in interviews and social media posts. I realize many people that are Christians do things sometimes that are 'un-Christian', 'sinful', or just questionable. I want to stay away from judging, and give people the benefit of the doubt. If in comments someone wants to say something about a bands personalities or off-stage antics, I believe that is up to them. I just will not get involved with such debates.
    Second thing I should mention. My definition of Christian is "Christ-In". I don't feel we all have to believe the same things, or band together in pushing our beliefs onto the public like some political party. There are many denominations of the Christian church, and there are many religions that center around Jesus and his teachings. I wouldn't want to refrain from reviewing an artists music because of a minor difference in theology. I am extremely open minded, and enjoy listening to different perspectives from my own. Be aware that I may use the term 'righteous metal' more loosely than some others would.
    Last point I wish to make. I may also use the term 'metal' loosely. Included in my definition would be metal-core, death-metal, death-core, thrash, and possibly some post-hardcore or melodic-core music. I probably will not spend much time specifying sub-genres very much, and will instead try to focus on getting across what I like about the music.
     Thanks for checking it out.    -Sean